Change of venue

Today, I moved my blog to my new website:

As far as I can tell, all links work. They were relative, to begin with, which is always the smart way to do links that link to other places on your own website.

I've added a redirect on my DC members page to bring visitors here.

I'll be leaving a copy of my programming errata and other legacy items at the old site, and will continue to use the old site as additional storage online.

Hand that feeds you

Last night my wife and I went out to eat at Little Taste of Texas with our son and oldest daughter, and her boyfriend. Really good food there at a reasonable price. Ostensibly, we went to celebrate my 45th birthday, which happens next week.

We almost didn't get to go, because the bigger of our two dogs bit me yesterday afternoon. Apparently, she gets jealous when I put my arm around Susan:

enter image description here

But all ended well. Despite what my ex-wife claims, I don't kill dogs when irritated. A little antibiotic ointment and a band-aid did the trick.

I still got my afternoon nap in, by the way...

Thankful for my brother-in-law

Yesterday, after I got home from work, my brother-in-law, Matthew, helped me fix a problem with our upstairs air-conditioning unit. The overflow condensation wasn't draining to the outside of the house like it was supposed to, and the drip pan was overflowing, causing water stains and some dripping in our bedroom downstairs.

I should say I helped Matt, not he helped me. Because he's the one with the know-how and he did most of the work. I just held a flashlight, mostly.

enter image description here

It's a real blessing having someone you can call on when something goes wrong, especially when that person has can-do knowledge related to the problem, and you're basically clueless. I really appreciate Matt for taking the time. It wasn't his problem, but he donated his time anyway. Thank you, Matt!

As a side benefit, I now have rudimentary knowledge of what to look for if this particular problem recurs in the future :)

How Long Since?

How Long Since? is a tool for finding the time that has elapsed since a particular date-time; you set the name of the event, its description, and the exact date and time on which the event occurred.

enter image description here

Clicking a given event in the listbox, you'll be presented with time elapsed since that date. This value updates each second. You can delete a particular item by double-clicking it in the listbox. When entering the time component of the DateTime of an event you're about to save, simply enter the time as it would be in the local time used by your PC. The program will convert this to UTC, and any items in the listbox that you click upon will show the UTC version of the time.

Here is the download link.

Source Code Line Counter

A few years back, I wrote a program that counts lines of source code in various programming projects' source code files. Here is the download link.

enter image description here

The program does require the .NET Framework 4.0 (or later) to be installed.

  • Option to count or not-count comments and blank lines.
  • Use standard folder-selection dialog, or drop folder on the listview
  • Automatically recounts when file extension is changed in the dropdown combo box
  • Automatically recounts when a folder is dropped on listview
  • Ability to count files/lines across multiple top-level directories
  • Supports C, C#, C++, VB, Delphi/Pascal, Bash, Java, AHK, Auto-It

The World Doesn't Owe You

A lot of people grumble about work, grumble about pay, grumble about conditions, grumble about workload, grumble about coworkers. Today, I'm grumbling about people who grumble about their job.

Let me remind people of a few unpleasant facts that sometimes don't clearly register on our egocentric radar:

  • The world doesn't owe you a living.
  • "But, I have a degree." The world STILL doesn't owe you a living.
  • "I'm worth more than I'm paid." An opinion. Be happy if at least one other person agrees.
  • "I'm overworked." Probably. You're boss is 3x as overworked. Their boss, 10x.

In today's economy, most businesses have had to tighten the purse strings. This is an economic necessity, not a reflection of greed. If you're employed and making at least minimum wage, be thankful that you can buy a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread, and a package of bologna. Be thankful you can pay your child support and can afford your blood pressure medication.

Minimum wage, eh? Betcha still have cable or satellite at home. Betcha still manage to have DSL Internet. If you're a smoker, I bet you haven't quit the habit in order to save money, right?

And hey, if you make more than minimum wage but still aren't happy with your level of pay, why not go back to school, get a higher degree or additional training, so that you qualify for a job with better compensation? Oh right, I forgot: the world owes you a living.

As someone who, due to life's vicissitudes, had to miss ten months of work a few years ago, I'm thankful for two things:

  1. Because I work for an excellent company, I had paid time-off the first 5 months.
  2. My employer stood behind me and didn't give up on me. My job waited for me.

McDonald's wouldn't have done that. Dear old Uncle John wouldn't have done that. In fact, most places wouldn't.

So I guess I'd encourage people to be thankful if they can work, anywhere, for any wage. If you have more than that, as I do, then be doubly thankful. Again, the world does not owe you a living.

Race Pimping

I had to laugh today while reading about the latest book put out by Kevin Jackson, a sharp-as-a-tack pundit who really has his finger on the rotten pulse of the liberal-elite and their stratagems to divide the country.

I went to to read more about the book, Race Pimping. Hilariously, it's "not available". Wanna know why it's "not available"? Because management, especially its CEO, are firmly in the liberal camp and support their agenda. Rest assured, the book's unavailability is no accident.

enter image description here

I just cannot get over the lengths to which liberals will go to either suppress or drown out conservatives' voices and their counter-message.

Of course, something like this stunt by Amazon is small potatoes compared to crap like what Hillary Clinton just pulled off with Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Or the fact that those responsible for assaulting Trump supporters at his rallies get off scot-free.

I honestly think this country is going to hell in a hand basket, and a whole lotta people are driving us there at top-speed.

Blood of Invidia

Blood of Invidia is a new science-fiction novel coming out in the next few weeks, authored by Tom Tinney and his son, Morgen Batten.

Disclaimer: I was paid to proofread this book, but my review of the book's story is offered without inducement, simply because it's a great read!

The story gallops brilliantly through myriad centuries and star systems, bringing us the tale of our own future Earth as we unite with our intelligent interstellar neighbors.

We learn the true origin of the vampyre, and the protagonist brings new meaning to the term "bad-ass".

enter image description here

Tinney and Batten touch seriously, sometimes poignantly, upon the nuances of inter-species relations in a very believable future. They weave the larger backstory adroitly through the action-packed primary story arc. In so doing, they provide an excellent example of a novel that avoids the infamous info dump that so characterizes much of today's fiction.

Tinney's take on the origin of various supernatural creatures popularized in the literature of the past century is fresh and unexpected, and surprisingly plausible.

I often don't enjoy my proofreading work, and it's always refreshing when I find myself being paid to read well-written fiction. Such was the case with Blood of Invidia. Look for it on Amazon and other venues in the near future!

Found Money

I've been doing it for a long time: several times over the years I've emptied a big jar of coins and cashed out $200 to $350 at my local bank.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a program, preferably FREE, that tracked this "found money" (or the money your kid sticks in his or her piggy-bank)? Well, thankfully, DonationCoder member caddo requested just such an app and, intrigued, I created it. I wrote a program in mid-2011 that has this functionality.

enter image description here

The program allows you to keep track of money that you find -- under your car seat, in the washing machine, etc. Features record creation, saving, editing.

You can even search against criteria ("show me any records in which the number of pennies is less than six", or "show me any records in which the number of one-dollar bills is exactly equal to three"). Use it for its original intended purpose, or as a digital piggy bank.

Here is a six-minute YouTube vid showing how the program is used.