Emily and Seth

While trying to cull some Dropbox files this afternoon, so that I'm under my storage limit (which was 25GB but is now 10GB), I came across several pictures of Emily and Seth. They are precious to me — the photos, and most certainly the kids.

I'm not going to go into details here on this public blog about why they're not living with me, but I did spend some time writing about it in my daily diary/prayer-journal, which I run on my laptop on top of XAMPPLite, and which I store in a protected directory of my website as a downloadable, passworded exectuable that can be run to extract the full directory structure locally.

You can click on any of the small pics below to open a much larger photo in another browser tab.

They're living with their mother, and have been for about three years. I love and miss them.

Netflix goodies

I've enjoyed three series on Netflix recently: The Shannara Chronicles (one season), Penny Dreadful (two seasons), and The Last Kingdom (one season). The latter two are especially atmospheric.

It's storming in Columbia right now. Susan is in the car waiting it out. I suppose the Mark Twain Festival will proceed unless lightning absolutely forbids.

Here in Glens Fork, it's rumbling thunder and very dark clouds, but no rain yet.

I took a nap earlier, then took Emma to the band room. Came home and have watched a couple episodes of The Last Kingdom. Made my daily diary entry.

Millie dog is asleep under Grant's quilt. Sundy Best is dozing on the couch in the living room.

Upgraded my laptop today...

I upgraded to a better laptop today, courtesy of my local Walmart store. Bigger screen, larger hard drive, twice the RAM (now 8GB), and an OS switch from Windows 8 to Windows 10 Home edition.

What I found interesting were the apps I immediately installed. This isn't the first time I've bought a new laptop PC, and I find certain programs indispensable each time I change machines.

Here are the apps I've immediately installed: LastPass, Filezilla, PIA(Private Internet Access) — my current VPN provider, Classic Shell, ConEmu (a console emulator), and Paint.NET. Yep, those are my top six.

I'm sure that in the coming days I'll install a very few other programs. Perhaps Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition, so that I can get back to my unfinished tutorial series on C# console programming.

Addendum: since originally posting this blog entry, I've also installed CCleaner and 7-zip.

Addendum #2: So here are my current go-to apps:

  1. Lastpass
  2. Filezilla
  3. PIA (VPN)
  4. Classic Shell
  5. ConEmu
  6. Paint.net
  7. 7-zip
  8. Ccleaner
  9. SuperAntispyware
  10. Wise Registry Cleaner


I'm embarrassed to admit I've been a nerd as many years as I have and yet only now at the ripe old age of forty-five have I discovered that you can actually replace the ugly command prompt that comes with Windows.

Even though I've written console programs in C# and hated their appearance, I never took the time to seriously look into getting a "fix".

Well, now I've found it while browsing winsite.com, and it's a free program called ConEmu, short for "console emulator". At the time of this writing, this is the download link. However, I also provide a downloadable copy here.

enter image description here

Run the setup file as administrator. After installation, upon first running the program, use the Settings menu and put a check mark in checkboxes "Force ConEmu as default terminal..." and "Register on OS Startup".

enter image description here

Galilean Home Ministries

Today, about a dozen of us from church visited the Galilean Home Ministries location in Casey County, Kentucky. We started our tour in Angel House, the building where they care for the babies of incarcerated mothers. They had a room full of bassinets and sleeping babies — really young babies. Like, all no more than 2-3 months.

enter image description here

We then met some of the adults with special needs, and one particular staff member took us as a group on a tour of the rooms where they live. Some of the people have severe physical and mental problems. It was touching and humbling to see how much they were both loved and loved each other and their caregivers.

This ministry was founded by Jerry and Sandy Tucker in 1969, and today runs on an annual budget of about two million dollars. The cost just to feed all the residents for a week is over $11,000.

enter image description here

I hope we can go again in a few months and donate additional items and funds. A very worthwhile endeavor, and one close to home that our churches need to support.

For more information contact Dawn Shultz at 606-706-9457, email: dshultz@galileanhome.org or the Galilean Home main office at 606-787-5120.

Lazy day...

I've been lazy this Saturday, 13th August, 2016. Took a nap. Wrote the first two lessons for CS1: Intro to Windows Console Programming in C#. Cooked franks and mushrooms on the grill for supper.

This domain has been up for two weeks, as of today (started July 31st). I've copied over the C# code snippets from my dcmembers.com space. I have a passworded, databased diary, and I'm really enjoying using HTMLy as my CMS.

Susan and I are watching "Haven" on Netflix. Emma's in the kitchen with Frank. They're making brownies.

FTP problem

I'm not sure why, but Filezilla will connect to my FTP account successfully, but then it attempts the following command, with the resulting error:

Command: MLSD Error: The data connection could not be established: ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server

I've emailed them, and a support ticket has been created. I tried downloading a text file using the cPanel File Manager. It downloaded okay, but the formatting is all messed up.

I seem able to view existing webpages on my site and use the HTMLy CMS without difficulty.

Hopefully, this will be resolved by tomorrow sometime.

Okay, it's maybe 60-90 minutes since I emailed tech support. I was advised to change from TLS to insecure FTP connection. That didn't help, and I alerted them that I have been using TLS just fine for several days. Ball's now in their court...

the next morning...

Logged on just fine from work. Wonder if the problem was with my laptop at home?

A big job is now finished: church flooring is laid!

Well, it was a really busy Saturday, August 6th, but we have finished laying the real wooden flooring at church. I'm sore and worn out, but to God be the glory!

enter image description here

My nephew, Sam, wanted to keep the scraps shown in the above picture so Papi Daryl can help him build a bird house out of them :)

enter image description here

We laid 1248 square feet of flooring in about eight hours. Then it was time to clean up the mess.

enter image description here

Lots of different tools were required: crowbars, hammers, mallets, nail guns, shovels (for dislodging staples from the underlying particle board).

enter image description here

By the time we were ready to pause for some lunch, we were nearly at the halfway point:

enter image description here

Our preacher and I agreed the occasional knot hole in the flooring added character. Laura thinks so too. Here's Okie Trumbo, admiring the flooring:

enter image description here

We didn't have enough flooring to do the altar area, but we're hoping to get some:

enter image description here

Learning Management Systems

Last night I spent some time experimenting with Moodle on my website. I'd like to offer some computer programming classes, and I've been looking at various Learning Management Systems for online content delivery.

Moodle seemed a bit overkill for what I want. More options than I need. This morning, I'm uploading ATutor to a directory on my website and will check it out over the next day or two, as time allows. Here is a link to the documentation for this system.

Mom and I texted last night, making plans for celebrating dad's 79th birthday. We're thinking about taking him to supper in Sulphur Well. Either that, or just grilling steaks in Crocus.

I'm thankful that he's still in relatively good health. I hope that continues to be the case for both dad and mom.

Today is our really busy day at work. Dr. Hyatt and our nurse practitioners are there on Thursdays. I enjoy our staff meetings. They're usually quite jocular.

After work, I hope to watch episode five of the new Netflix series, "Penny Dreadful". I give it five stars.

Blessed to work with fellow Christians

I was blessed last night and tonight to work alongside fellow Christians as we have taken up the carpet in our church sanctuary, removed all those pesky staples, and then — tonight — laid wooden flooring.

Last night, the first night we worked, we took up the carpet. It wasn't in that bad a shape, but the hardwood flooring donated to us is real wood, and we just couldn't pass it up.

Okie got a phone call last night while working at church. The caller said he was in Columbia, Kentucky, and that the rain had been falling so hard that the water was up near the top of the tires on his pickup truck.

enter image description here

Meanwhile, in Glens Fork, just seven miles away, no flooding at all had occurred. Go figure.

We're scheduled to resume work on the church flooring this Saturday. It'll probably be an all day affair. Mother is going to bring lunch for everyone.

It's a very satisfying feeling to be working in concert with one's brothers and sisters in Christ toward some project that somehow honors the Lord. Sweat that is shed in unity of purpose acts as a sort of interpersonal glue, strengthening the relationships among the laborers.

Thank you for the opportunity to partake in the work, Laura, Okie, Cliff, Daryl, and Matthew!