Listen N Write

Listen-N-Write is a freeware solution with a built-in word processor with which one can transcribe an audio or video file. As with other freeware I have archived on my website, I have no immediate use for this but it's too useful, at a little over 1 Mb for a portable freeware, not to archive. Here is the download link.

Free ePub Reader

I came across FSS ePub Reader on the website. What interested me, aside from the fact that it's a relatively small installation (around 2 Mb) is that the free software can also convert an ePub document to HTML, text, or PDF. I don't have an immediate use for this, and I don't know if it would work on all ePubs (for instance, DRM-protected ones), but it intrigued me enough to archive it on my website for download here. Lotsa free ePub files on and elsewhere...


I came across BeepComp, a free app, and was impressed enough that I downloaded the program and the how-to manual. Basically, it allows you to compose some pretty groovy music, and then export it to WAV, MP3, or OGG format.

I'm not sure I'll ever use this, but I decided to store it on my website, just in case I ever want it and find it has become unavailable elsewhere.

Here's the original resource URL, and here is a link to download the app and manual from my website.