Race Pimping

I had to laugh today while reading about the latest book put out by Kevin Jackson, a sharp-as-a-tack pundit who really has his finger on the rotten pulse of the liberal-elite and their stratagems to divide the country.

I went to Amazon.com to read more about the book, Race Pimping. Hilariously, it's "not available". Wanna know why it's "not available"? Because Amazon.com management, especially its CEO, are firmly in the liberal camp and support their agenda. Rest assured, the book's unavailability is no accident.

enter image description here

I just cannot get over the lengths to which liberals will go to either suppress or drown out conservatives' voices and their counter-message.

Of course, something like this stunt by Amazon is small potatoes compared to crap like what Hillary Clinton just pulled off with Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Or the fact that those responsible for assaulting Trump supporters at his rallies get off scot-free.

I honestly think this country is going to hell in a hand basket, and a whole lotta people are driving us there at top-speed.