Blood of Invidia

Blood of Invidia is a new science-fiction novel coming out in the next few weeks, authored by Tom Tinney and his son, Morgen Batten.

Disclaimer: I was paid to proofread this book, but my review of the book's story is offered without inducement, simply because it's a great read!

The story gallops brilliantly through myriad centuries and star systems, bringing us the tale of our own future Earth as we unite with our intelligent interstellar neighbors.

We learn the true origin of the vampyre, and the protagonist brings new meaning to the term "bad-ass".

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Tinney and Batten touch seriously, sometimes poignantly, upon the nuances of inter-species relations in a very believable future. They weave the larger backstory adroitly through the action-packed primary story arc. In so doing, they provide an excellent example of a novel that avoids the infamous info dump that so characterizes much of today's fiction.

Tinney's take on the origin of various supernatural creatures popularized in the literature of the past century is fresh and unexpected, and surprisingly plausible.

I often don't enjoy my proofreading work, and it's always refreshing when I find myself being paid to read well-written fiction. Such was the case with Blood of Invidia. Look for it on Amazon and other venues in the near future!