GM's Expectations of Players

Players are expected to:

  • Post speech in quotation marks and thoughts in italics. You may use bold, underline, or color (sparingly, please) for emphasis.

  • Have no more than three days separating any consecutive in-character posts. This minimum posting frequency will earn you at least 1 XP, sometimes 2, at the end of each Chapter (approximately every 2-3 weeks). Note: if the GM did not notice any typos, you'll definitely get 2 XP for a Chapter's posts.

  • Be respectful of the GM and the other players in all out-of-character communications.

  • Make in-character posts that are at least one paragraph in length. No one-sentence IC posts.

  • Give a week's notice when you will be unable to post for a period of time (vacation, surgery, etc.) This will enable the GM to write your PC to the sidelines in a fashion that doesn't destroy the story's verisimilitude. When an emergency prevents you from posting, for a time, at the required frequency, let the GM know what's going on ASAP.

  • Remain true to the Mission, Duty, and Craving you declared upon character creation. Ignoring or neglecting these during roleplay will result in fewer XP.