Joining the Game

As of March 2017, the Game Master (GM) will manage a campaign for a party of characters who hail from Slaytonthorpe (a large town located along the Trade Route in south-central Greteland), Valrigont, or another community in that section of Greteland.

The maximum size of the adventuring party will be capped at six PCs, with a preferred size of 4-5. Players joining the game at the outset of the Khorne Mountains Campaign (circa March, 2017) will form a cohort.

Later additions to the party, made necessary or desirable due to player or character attrition, will join the game with a PC created using the "Reign RPG (O.R.E.) Point Buy equal to (X - 50), where X is the total XP spent on advancements by the next most advanced PC that already belongs to the party. For instance, if the party is currently comprised of the following four PCs with the indicated Total Career XP Expenditures for Advancements...

Jhoren - 300 pts
Kaeren - 280 pts
Culhach - 275 pts
Adinoth - 235 pts

... then a new party member would be created using Point Buy from a pool of 185 points (Adinoth's career 235, minus 50). The purpose of this is so that we don't cheapen the long, hard work of advancement of the longstanding party members by granting a new player an equally advanced character at the beginning of that PC's career. Note: however, the number of character creation points available shall never be less than 85.

If the party is already at maximum capacity, you will be offered a place on the Waiting List. Dependent upon GM time constraints, you may be offered a solo adventure to introduce you to the setting and to earn some XP, while waiting to join the party at a time at which the game's internal story logic permits.

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