The Great Cataclysm

The Great Cataclysm is an event lost to the centuries. It is believed by moderns to have somehow disrupted much sophisticated technology that the Ancients possessed — though obviously not all of it, for here and there one can still find machines functioning from that time period.

There remain the ruins of universities, research stations, military installations. But much of their electronically encoded data is lost. And few books have survived the ravages of time.

Kurphath, therefore, is a world serving as the setting for a largely low-fantasy RPG, yet it does have high-tech peeking up here and there; however, most surviving artifacts of the Technological Age which can still be found are either broken, unfathomed, or else seem to continue functioning automatically.

Players who wish can give their characters skills for searching for and finding ancient artifacts (Archaeology skill) and understanding and fixing them (Ancient Languages, Engineering) and can obtain in-game benefits from these discoveries. However, this isn't a requirement, and Kurphath PCs can get along just fine without doing so.