• I read elsewhere on your blog that Kurphath is, in fact, our own Earth many centuries from now. How can that be a low-fantasy setting? See here.

  • Is there a limit to the number of Esoteric Disciplines or Martial Paths I can acquire? No limit of Esoteric Disciplines. However, martial techniques are limited to fifteen, and don't stack, unless they explicitly say so. Most importantly, they don't stack with techniques from other Martial Paths. And you can only benefit from one Martial Path in a single round, although you may choose which one.

  • I'm not the best writer. Can I still play in your game? I don't require that everyone be expert grammatists, but I do ask that you attempt to use proper spelling, punctuation, and capitalization as much as possible. I'm not going to gripe if you type 'comunication' instead of 'communication', but if it's always 'cud' instead of 'could', or I can never parse your sentences due to lack of punctuation, we'll have to talk.

  • How rapidly will my character likely advance? Experience Points are awarded at the end of every in-character "Chapter" on the game's forum. This is typically every 2-4 weeks. The amount of XP can vary each time from 1-6, but will generally be 3-4. You always earn at least 1 XP, just for posting at or above the required frequency.

  • How can I maximize the XP that is awarded to my character? The maximum XP you can earn for each Chapter (which is roughly two to three weeks' worth of IC posts on a thread) is 6, but once monthly you can earn an additional XP for one of the following: (a) submitting a detailed map your PC made as the party explored a dungeon, (b) researching, developing, and getting a new spell approved by the GM, or (c) making a detailed, vibrant in-character entry in the PC's personal journal. So, if you completed two Chapters via forum thread in a month, and earned max XP, that'd be 6+6=12. Then, if you garnered the bonus XP for a, b, or c above, you could achieve up to 13 XP monthly, assuming two Chapters per month as a predictable rate. Sometimes, when the party is In Town recuperating from their recent adventures, you may earn additional XP for doing something particularly selfless, such as donating a sizable amount of wealth to an orphanage or temple, cutting a rick of firewood for an elderly shut-in, etc.

For accomplishing this...      ...you earn

posted at least every 3 days      +1 XP
posted every single day           +1 XP
RPed Mission/Duty/Etc.            +1 XP
Hindered by a Problem             +1 XP
Survived combat                   +1 XP
PC journal/mapping/etc.           +1 XP once q month
research a new spell              +1 XP once q month
  • What is the required posting frequency? If you're currently on a solo adventure, 2-3 times weekly is fine, though you may find yourself posting much more often. This has been my experience in the past, both in DMing solo characters and playing them.

Try to post daily. That's ideal. But at a minimum, post every other day during the week. Less than that can lead to a PM from the GM. The more you post, the more posting XP you get. Weekends are optional but if you can post, please do. - It seems like single-digit XP awards are very small. Won't it take forever to improve my character at that rate? Unlike in games using the ubiquitous d20 system (and many other RPGs, for that matter), in Reign RPG there are no Levels. You advance — generally — by purchasing Skill increases. For that purpose, 3-4 XP every 2-3 weeks isn't anything to sneeze at.

  • I've read the Reign RPG book and see that PCs cannot have Attributes or Skills with more than a 6D pool. Do you enforce that rule? In Kurphath campaigns, Attributes can be raised no higher than 6D. Raising an Attribute by one point costs 10 XP. Skills can exceed 6D; however, the cost of raising skills beyond 6D become prohibitive. Add another point to the Cost Multiplier for every four Skill dice added beyond the sixth.

Note: very high skill levels (7+) can lead to dice pools of greater than 10 when rolling Stat + Skill. While these extra, so-called Virtual dice can apply 3D, 5D, or even more dice to offset multiple actions' penalties, that's all they can do — offset penalties. Virtual dice, no matter how many you have, can never offset more than 2D of penalties unless they are solely Multiple Action penalties (they can't offset the -1D for Knockout attempt, Feint, Called Shot, etc.) Additionally, whenever a Skill's dice pool is used as a Difficulty (such as when a foe tries to break your Pin), the maximum Difficulty possible is 9. There is, after all, always some chance they'll succeed.

See here for costs to continue raising Skills.

  • Is the game a sandbox game where the PCs just do whatever takes their fancy, or does it consist of logically linked adventures forming a campaign? I tend toward the latter, but there is room for side adventures as the players desire.

  • Do you permit the optional rule for Burning XP in order to Squeak By, Power Through, or Shake It Off? Yes, you can burn 1 XP and choose one of those, no more than once per round. Also the Cower maneuver is permitted in this game setting (see p. 207 of the Reign RPG)