Paths, Devotions, Disciplines, Spells

Alphabetical listing of Arcania
Alphabetical listing of Faith devotions
Alphabetical listing of Psionic devotions

A Path (or Martial Path) is a set of increasingly difficult yet impressive combat-related maneuvers, usually 3-5 in number, with each being more difficult than the previous. Paths must (with the exception of those purchased at character creation) be trained by hiring a paid mentor to spend the requisite time.

Esoteric Disciplines are sets of related and increasingly difficult yet impressive feats that a character can learn to perform. Any such set of feats not strongly indicated for combat fall into this category.

Psionic and Faith Devotions are either mental abilities or supernatural gifts that some characters can employ, making use of — respectively — the Psi and Faith skills.

Spells (or Arcania) are eldritch effects brought about by channeling fey energies, invoking dark powers, or tapping inward elemental affinities.

Here, Martial Paths, Esoteric Disciplines, Devotions and Spells are grouped together by Intensity level:

jump to Intensity 1 (11 arcane, 5 faith, 11 psionic)
jump to Intensity 2 (2 arcane, 5 faith, 3 psionic)
jump to Intensity 3 (2 arcane, 3 faith, 3 psionic)
jump to Intensity 4 (2 arcane, 2 faith, 1 psionic)
jump to Intensity 5 (1 arcane, 1 faith, 1 psionic)
jump to Intensity 6 (2 arcane, 1 faith, 1 psionic)
jump to Intensity 7 (1 arcane, 0 faith, 1 psionic)
jump to Intensity 9 (0 arcane, 1 faith, 0 psionic)


Inner Senses @ The Tower of Valrigont
Political Whispers @ any large town/city
Proper Climbing @ Seareach and Andorwood
Pure Breath Techniques @ monk temple in Do-Kur
Relentless Pursuit @ Dilgal, Rake Pass, and Ondan
Svrana Run @ monk temple and Plains of Kar
The Divine Regimen @ Tar-Adiv and Khorne-Fahl
Troubadour's Fortune @ Anghere Academy in Bluefalls

Note: Arcania and Psionics exist in Kurphath, but are rare. Not only will you not frequently encounter spell-flinging foes, but also you will find it challenging to locate tomes and teachers for these Esoteric Disciplines.

Although some of the Esoteric Disciplines in the Reign source material are available in Kurphath (see list above), arcania and psionic effects are unique to the Kurphath setting.

Resuscitate: If someone loses their last torso or head wound box to kill damage, you have a number of rounds equal to their Body statistic to attempt to resuscitate them. Roll Knowledge+Healing at Difficulty 7. If you are successful, they heal 1 box of Kill damage. This ability can only be attempted by those with a minimum Healing skill of 5. If the character who is in danger of dying doesn't have 1 XP to burn on Squeak By, Power Through or Shake It Off, then being Resuscitated is their only hope. If you have sufficient rounds available, you can attempt Resuscitate more than once, but at a -1D cumulative penalty.