Cost and Turnaround

Wm. Miller Solutions

What does Wm. Miller Solutions proofreading cost?

Short stories up to 25,000 words in length can be professionally proofread for as little as $99.00 USD, while longer works can be as economical as $149.00 USD.

Wait! That's far less than other proofreaders charge. How can you be so inexpensive?

Glad you asked. I have a full-time profession, a family, and other obligations. I cannot proofread 8-12 hours daily. When I take on your proofreading job at the prices listed above, it is at my base work-rate of 2,500 words per day for manuscripts up to 25,000 words in length, and 1,750 words per day for longer works (novellas, novels). I don't do proofreading work on weekends and holidays. That's family and church time.

What if I need my proofreading completed more quickly?

For works up to 25,000 words in length, add $12.50 USD for each non-weekend, non-holiday day you need the job completed sooner that the quoted number of days. For instance, Dan has a 50,000 word novel that he hired me to proofread in January of 2015. I was to begin work on January 5th. He paid $149.00 USD via PayPal and I began his project.

At the end of January, having skipped weekends and Monday 19th (Martin Luther King Day), I had completed 33,250 words -- 66.5% of the project. Dan asked, "Okay, so on what day will you finish?" I answered, "At this rate, on Friday, February 13th, Dan."

"Hmm," Dan said. "My publisher is wanting it by Friday, February 6th. Any way we could expedite it?"

I riffled through my calendar. "Looks like I'd be able to spend additional time daily on it, and could have it emailed to you by noon on Friday 2/6/15, for an additional $70.00, Dan."

"Excellent. I'll PayPal $70 in the next few minutes!" He did and, having already paid the base rate of $149.00, that brought me to $219.00 for the job. We were both happy.

Ah, I see! You can be inexpensive, so long as the author isn't in a big hurry to get it done.


"How much would it cost me to get my 65,000-word novel proofread in exactly one month's time (20 business days, and assume none of them are holidays)?"

Well, at my base rate of progress of 1,750 words per day, I'd only get 35,000 words completed in that amount of time. To expedite it at $14.00/day, in order to finish the remaining 30,000 words by your deadline, an additional fee of $240 would be incurred.

"Hmm, so adding that to the base fee of $149, it'd cost me $389.00 to get my 65,000-word novel proofed in one month's time. That's still quite competitive with other proofreader's prices, and cheaper than a lot of them!"

See, you've discovered the beauty of my pricing plan :)

A few days later, Dan messaged me: "I also have a short story, only 9,000-words. I'm not in any rush to get it done, so you could do it for only $99.00?"

Yep. Sure can!


"What if I needed it finished by tomorrow night?"

"Well, let's see. It's Thursday, so that'd give me today and tomorrow to work on it. Normally it would take four business days (rounding up). I could have it by then for an additional $25.00, bringing your total to $124.00, Dan."

Hopefully, the above examples sufficiently elucidate my pricing model. If you want a quote on turnaround time and price, just email me your manuscript as an attachment.