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Progress as of 01st March 2017:

  • Gabriel Unleashed: 59.90% of 130,236 words

Recently completed projects

  • Bill Townsend's "Indiana Diary"
  • Aaron Rosenbaum's "The Cosmos"
  • Angela Estienne's Book 4 of "Heart" series
  • Tom Tinney's "Blood of Invidia"
  • Angela Estienne's Book 3 of "Heart" series
  • Scott Johnson's "Dragon's Ark"
  • Linda Thackeray's "Children of the White Star"
  • Angela Estienne's "Teach Me"
  • Linda Thackeray's "The Easterner"
  • Randy Weir's "Blood Brothers"
  • Angela Estienne's "Seduce Me"
  • Laura DeBruce's "Temple of Paris"