Listen N Write

Listen-N-Write is a freeware solution with a built-in word processor with which one can transcribe an audio or video file. As with other freeware I have archived on my website, I have no immediate use for this but it's too useful, at a little over 1 Mb for a portable freeware, not to archive. Here is the download link.

Free ePub Reader

I came across FSS ePub Reader on the website. What interested me, aside from the fact that it's a relatively small installation (around 2 Mb) is that the free software can also convert an ePub document to HTML, text, or PDF. I don't have an immediate use for this, and I don't know if it would work on all ePubs (for instance, DRM-protected ones), but it intrigued me enough to archive it on my website for download here. Lotsa free ePub files on and elsewhere...


I'm embarrassed to admit I've been a nerd as many years as I have and yet only now at the ripe old age of forty-five have I discovered that you can actually replace the ugly command prompt that comes with Windows.

Even though I've written console programs in C# and hated their appearance, I never took the time to seriously look into getting a "fix".

Well, now I've found it while browsing, and it's a free program called ConEmu, short for "console emulator". At the time of this writing, this is the download link. However, I also provide a downloadable copy here.

enter image description here

Run the setup file as administrator. After installation, upon first running the program, use the Settings menu and put a check mark in checkboxes "Force ConEmu as default terminal..." and "Register on OS Startup".

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How Long Since?

How Long Since? is a tool for finding the time that has elapsed since a particular date-time; you set the name of the event, its description, and the exact date and time on which the event occurred.

enter image description here

Clicking a given event in the listbox, you'll be presented with time elapsed since that date. This value updates each second. You can delete a particular item by double-clicking it in the listbox. When entering the time component of the DateTime of an event you're about to save, simply enter the time as it would be in the local time used by your PC. The program will convert this to UTC, and any items in the listbox that you click upon will show the UTC version of the time.

Here is the download link.

Source Code Line Counter

A few years back, I wrote a program that counts lines of source code in various programming projects' source code files. Here is the download link.

enter image description here

The program does require the .NET Framework 4.0 (or later) to be installed.

  • Option to count or not-count comments and blank lines.
  • Use standard folder-selection dialog, or drop folder on the listview
  • Automatically recounts when file extension is changed in the dropdown combo box
  • Automatically recounts when a folder is dropped on listview
  • Ability to count files/lines across multiple top-level directories
  • Supports C, C#, C++, VB, Delphi/Pascal, Bash, Java, AHK, Auto-It

Found Money

I've been doing it for a long time: several times over the years I've emptied a big jar of coins and cashed out $200 to $350 at my local bank.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a program, preferably FREE, that tracked this "found money" (or the money your kid sticks in his or her piggy-bank)? Well, thankfully, DonationCoder member caddo requested just such an app and, intrigued, I created it. I wrote a program in mid-2011 that has this functionality.

enter image description here

The program allows you to keep track of money that you find -- under your car seat, in the washing machine, etc. Features record creation, saving, editing.

You can even search against criteria ("show me any records in which the number of pennies is less than six", or "show me any records in which the number of one-dollar bills is exactly equal to three"). Use it for its original intended purpose, or as a digital piggy bank.

Here is a six-minute YouTube vid showing how the program is used.

Christian Prayer Minder

I wrote a Windows app in 2012 called "Christian Prayer Minder" that is flexible enough it could also be used as an electronic diary.

To date, it's had over 1,300 downloads.

It has an option to password protect individual entries, and can handle multiple authors, so the app could act as a diary for multiple family members, or for roommates.

The app has powerful search functions and tagging.

My purpose in writing the app was to provide a program that could act as a sort of "prayer diary" or "contemplation journal".

The app has beautiful images, courtesy of John Bell, artist. It is free to download and use indefinitely. There are no ads or pop-ups or nag-screens.

The featured link in this post provides the URL where you can not only download the app's setup file, but also view its features in an 11-minute YouTube video.