I do proofreading (see area circled in red below). Areas circled in yellow you'll need to find elsewhere.


What does Wm. Miller Solutions proofreading cost?

If you want a quote on turnaround time and price, just email me your manuscript as an attachment.


I offer my completed proofreading work in three formats:

(a) most typically, writers prefer their proofreading in the form of Tracked Changes. They then can Accept Changes for each individual change that I have made in their manuscript, or they can Accept All Changes. With this option, you can get your proofed copy of your manuscript in either Microsoft Word (.docx) or Open Office 4.0 (.odt) format.

(b) I return a PDF file to the author that contains colored comments throughout their manuscript. These comments detail changes I recommend that they make. Authors that prefer this format like to see my reasoning for the proposed change. If they like the proposal, they Alt-Tab from the PDF file to their manuscript, which is open in their preferred word processor, and make the change. They then Alt-Tab back to the PDF file and continue reading my inline comments. The full sample proofread of the entire sci-fi novel "Simple" is done in this format.

(c) You third option is for me to simply make changes directly to your manuscript. No "Track Changes" enabled. The manuscript I return to you is, in my opinion, ready to be published. You can go ahead and upload it to Amazon for conversion to a Kindle e-book. With this option, you can get your proofed copy of your manuscript in either Microsoft Word (.docx) or Open Office 4.0 (.odt) format, but note that the Kindle Development Platform requires a Microsoft Word file to be uploaded.



I've had perhaps as many as three dozen authors hire me for proofreading work, since 2011. You can find many of them on Facebook or Google Plus by using the hyperlinked author names below: - Ben Stevens - Bill Townsend - Dena Nicotra - Walter Rouzer - Linda Gross - Joseph Chiron - Bill Collins - Laura DeBruce - Devinder Dhiman - Lisa Hall - Bart Hopkins - Regina Joseph - Celia Kennedy - Robert J. Lawrence - Joshua Lisec - Erikka Lee Miller - Troy A. Ratliff - Jada Ryker - Suzanne Soneira - Kelly Van Dyke-Van Hull - Anna-Rae Vasquez - Randy Weir - Aaron Rosenbaum - Sharon Guthrie - Tom Tinney


  • I really didn't think there would be much for a proofreader to find, given beta reads and a previous proofread by another editor. William Milller Solutions did a thorough job. Well worth the money. They found things previous sets of eyes had missed.

    ​Kelly Van Dyke-Van Hull, author of Red River

  • I was very pleasantly suprised by William Miller Solution's responsiveness, and the thoroughness of their work. A lot more problems were found than I thought would be, and each was accompanied by clear instructions on how to correct the issue.

    ​Bart Hopkins, author of Like - A Novel

Making Payment

You can choose to pay up front, which is preferred. Or, you can pay half the quoted amount up front, and the remainder when I submit the first 50% of your proofreading.

I prefer payment via PayPal. If this isn't possible, I will accept a money order from the United States Postal Service. I do not accept money orders from other sources. If you need to mail me a money order, contact me via email to obtain a mailing address.

To pay me via PayPal, go to this link:

This link provides a full-length sample of my proofreading. It is used with the author's permission, and is a proofread edit of an entire novel.